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600LSM Series
PSI's 600LSM Series Probe Station is designed to exceed performance metrics of equipment priced significantly higher.

Water Chuck Pull-Out Feature
Accomodating 6", 8" and 12" wafter probing

Precision two speed joystick control
Platen fast Z, mechanical platen fast lift
Platen cooling
Precision intelligent motor driven lead screws X-Y-Z
Integrated vibration isolation
Precision X-Y motorized lead screw driven stage

600LSM Series
600LSM Spec Sheet


400 Series
PSI's 400 series of Probe Stations are designed to perform a wide range of probing applications while offering extreme power and economical advantages.

4", 5", 6", 8" Wafer Probing
PSI 400
Manual Pull-Out Stage
PSI 410
12 Position Z Axis Platen Lift
Precision X-Y Lead Screw Stage
12 Position Z Axis Platen Lift
PSI 400M
Motorized X-Y Positioning
PSI 410M
12 Position Z Axis Platen Lift

200 Series
The PSI 200 series of Probe Stations are the most powerful, budget-saving probing tools available in the industry.

PSI 200
Up to 8" Wafer Probing

1120 ZL-V0 Series
The PSI 1120 series is designed to accomodate any rectangular circuit board or LCD display panel.

PSI 1120 ZL-VO



1920 H Series
The PSI 1920 series is designed as a general purpose tdr probe station for multiple interface circuit board configurations.

PSI 1920

The Horizontal/Vertical Signal Integrity Manual Work Station allows for multiple size circuit board configurations.

PSI 2020H/V

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